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Renewed Hope

Written on June 23, 2017

Sometimes, injuries are complicated. I have been lucky in that, up until this year, I’ve only experienced moderately non-complicated injuries: primarily s...

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Year-End Recaps


Written on January 26, 2016

2015 was good. There was a lot of self-discovery and there was a lot of figuring out what’s really important in life. I also, for the first time, learne...

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Race Recaps

Hartford Half

Written on October 13, 2015

The last time I raced a half was in March of 2014, just prior to my first Boston. It was cold and gritty, but fun and successful, and I ran a PR of 1:28:28. Th...

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Race Recaps

2013 NYC Half

Written on March 19, 2013

Let’s be honest: my blogging frequency is sporadic. BUT I did want to take the opportunity to write about yesterday’s race. (On a totally unrelated subj...

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