Last night, a wonderful thing happened…………….


And not only did I reach my goal, but I EXCEEDED it.

I am seriously floored at the generosity of people for this campaign.

It happened as I was commuting home from work on the train—as if I could have been in a more public, enclosed area, right?…where people GLARE at you if you make a peep. I’m sitting there, shoulder to shoulder with two men (you know the type: crisply starched shirt…tie…gleaming wedding band…Blackberry in right hand…ipad/kindle in left hand…) and I keep getting emails informing me that my donation fund was going up and up. Before I knew it, I had made $980…then $990…THEN $1,000…and finally $1,040…AND later that night, $1,090. I started FREAKING out, and began typing furiously on my Blackberry to friends and family, telling them the good news.

I think that was the fastest 51 minute train ride I’ve ever taken in my life. I was SO excited.

So: thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. I have reached my goal, and only because of your help. I am SO excited to run this marathon. And the race is more than a month away…so who KNOWS how much more will be raised to exceed my original goal!!!! If you haven’t donated already, please don’t shy away just because I’ve reached my goal! There’s still more time to give!!