I am annoyed for several reasons.

1. That post below should have been posted 3 days ago. I don’t know why tumblr didn’t publish it. GUH.

2. I sprained my ankle.

3. I’m going to have some big changes coming up. I can’t explain now, but I will be able to in a few days. 🙂 (not annoyed with this)

Ok so that’s only a few things. The biggest thing is the ankle sprain. Like. Did this really have to happen to me RIGHT NOW?!???? I was doing a 14-miler. I had just about one mile left, and my time was about 1:51. I had been negative splitting the run, so when I looked down at my watch and thought that I might be able to finish the run in 2 hours, I just went for it. I pumped up Rihanna, and began to accelerate my final mile. The last mile only had one hill-at the very end-but the rest of the way was flat. So I figured I should take advantage of the flatness and crank up the speed right then and there.

Sooo I’m cruising along bumping to Rihanna, and decided to run on the grass lining the sidewalk as opposed to the hard pavement…and sudddddenly-CRACK. My ankle completely rolled outwards and left me gasping for air. I choked back tears and tried to keep running, but stopped my watch and knew I couldn’t. This was convenient timing because RIGHT as I rolled it, an EMT drove into the drive in front of me. Long story short, he offered a ride but I refused because I was too embarrassed, and I hobbled home. I was actually able to finish the final mile—ending with a grand finish time of 2:04 (or :05?)—but I got home and collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Anywho. I had to suck up the pain and went out last night for Boyfriend’s birthday. This was probably a poor decision, because I couldn’t walk or wiggle my toes this morning. I really thought I had broken/torn something until around 3pm, when I took a nap…then woke up…AND COULD MAGICALLY WALK AGAIN. Crazy. Since then, I’ve just been sitting on the couch with my foot up and ice (haven’t seen daylight today.)

So now I have to take time off, RIGHT as I was getting into shape. UGH. Hopefully, though, it’ll only be a week and I’ll be able to dive right back in next week. *fingers crossed* 🙁