Well what can I say? First of all, I have nothing but thanks. THANK YOU for reading this. THANK YOU for donating. Thank you for actually thinking I can actually run this thing in November. I mean, I guess I know I can…I’m just never one to start new projects slowly… 

…As many of you know, I started a new job in marketing at Michael Kors 4 weeks ago. I also decided approximately 5 weeks ago that I needed to start bucking up, and start seriously training for this marathon. Welp, it hasn’t been easy, this whole new job and marathon thing. But I’ve taken the same attitude that I’ve taken with most projects in my life: if I need to do it, I need to do it, and I need to excel in it. (type A personality much??) So here I am, a month later, actually doing it—or trying at least. And I’m learning that endurance training + a job is not exactly the easiest thing. 

Tomorrow is Fashion’s Night Out, not only in NYC, but also in several different mall locations around the world. It’s the second time the event has ever happened, and it’s going to be HUGE. I’ve been appointed to co-run the event down in Michael Kors in Soho (we’re having TONS of activity up at the Madison store, and the Soho party should be calmer…but, as I mentioned…FNO is going to be huge and crazy in and of itself, so there will be ZERO “calm” moments tomorrow evening—that is until approximately 1am when I’m tossing back drink numero cuatro, and feeling like a million bucks)

So yeah. I’m excited. But, as a result of the craziness, it doesn’t make 6 mile tempo runs the easiest feat to manage. I was supposed to do a 6 mile tempo run after work today…didn’t happen. Why not? I will tell you, but I’m certain you will laugh. 

Instead of my tempo run, I stayed at work until 7, then speed-walked my butt up to the Madison Ave MK store to pick out an outfit for tomorrow night’s event. Normally, one would say that this is entirely unnecessary. But in all actuality, despite how shallow and idiotic I know I’m sounding to most of you reading this, it was something that needed to be done. You see, I need to wear MK tomorrow night. I only have one MK dress…and I wore it last week to work. I CANNOT wear it again (not to mention, it’s kind of a bland dress, and I need something a little more fabulous for FNO)

So-yes-I worked (read: shopped) instead of doing a 6 mile tempo run tonight. I’m guilty!! But, as all you readers sit there shaking your heads thinking what a POS I am…here’s where you get the last laugh: I have to do the run Saturday morning since doing tomorrow is out of the question…………..which MEANS the drinking must be rationed tomorrow evening unless I really want to be sprinting down the West Side Highway with a gut-wrenching hangover on Saturday morning…….

…….Newsflash: I don’t. that would just suck.

Sigh. The life of a New York fashionista. So for now, I’ll have to put the thought of doing my 6 mile tempo run to the back of my mind until Saturday, and focus on how I’m going to remain upright during the entire event tomorrow on 4 1/2-inch heels!!! (take a look) ^^