Hi! My name is Mary and I’ve been running competitively since 2013. Prior to running, I rowed D1 crew for 4 years in college. After college, I found myself a slave to my job, out of shape, and in the worst shape of my life. I decided to run a marathon in 2010 to check it off my bucket list. It was fun…so I ran another one in 2011. That one was fun too…but I really wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon and I was soo0o close. I knew that if I put some hard work and dedication into my running, I could make the dream come true.

I reached out to a friend who helped not only coach me, but also helped me change my life over the course of 6 months. I became dedicated to my training, determined to improve, and fell completely in love with the sport. I loved that what I put in…was shown through results. I loved getting faster and I loved challenging myself. And, most importantly, my friend showed me how important it was to balance running into my life.

Under his coaching, I lost over 20 lbs., qualified for Boston in 2013 with a 3:22, a 14-min PR…then went on to run Boston in 2014 and ran another 14-min PR of 3:08. Shaving 30 minutes off my marathon time in a year was pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, after Boston 2014, I was plagued with a stress fracture in my tibia. I was fortunate enough to recover in time to run another 3:08 marathon the next year at Boston 2015…but ran myself into the ground in the process, and ended up with a femoral stress fracture. Experiencing two bone injuries in a year was the most humbling experience of my life.

As I was coming back from my femur injury (summer 2015), I decided to ask James McKirdy of McKirdy Trained to help me with the comeback. James accepted the challenge and helped me not only come back from injury…but also to PR in every single distance I ran from the end of 2015 through 2016. James became not only a coach…but also a friend and mentor.

In May 2016, I fulfilled a longtime dream of becoming a coach and joined the team of McKirdy Trained. Since then, I have helped others achieve amazing accomplishments, ranging from Boston Qualifying marathons to 5k PRs. I absolutely love my athletes and I love being their support person–for both running & life.

I am so happy to combine my passions of running and coaching and can confidently say that running has completely changed my life. I have never been fitter, happier, or healthier. And, most importantly, it’s introduced me to some of my best friends.

Thanks for stopping by! And always remember to always take one run at a time.